Business  Analytics certification 

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Business Analytics Course Online by Babson College is an introductory certification developed to teach the hands-on skills and knowledge required to analyze data, reach meaningful conclusions, and present findings to business executives. It covers data aggregation, visualization, descriptive statistics, basic probability, statistical inference, and linear models.

  • UdemyThe Statistics for Business Analytics A–Z course is designed for recent graduates seeking to build a career as a data scientist or business analyst and provides practical approaches to solving business problems with large datasets by delivering a grasp of distributions, central limit theorem, and statistical significance.
  • Columbia UniversityThe Business Analytics Certification is a MicroMasters program that delivers the skills and understanding of analytics required to improve business performance using data, quantitative and statistical analysis, and predictive modeling. Computing tools, mathematical models, and statistical analysis are employed to predict business decision outcomes and identify next best actions.
  • CourseraThe Wharton Business Analytics Certificate introduces big data analytics for professionals of all experience levels, introducing the processes used to describe, predict, and inform strategic, data-driven business decisions across marketing, human resources, operation, and finance. Wharton’s Coursera also offers an Advanced Business Analytics Course for analysts seeking an advanced specialization to utilize existing data analytics skills to increase profits by extracting and manipulating data, executing statistical methods for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis, and presenting findings in an executive/shareholder-friendly format. The Strategic Business Analytics program is designed for students, analysts, and data scientists seeking to apply their statistical knowledge to business contexts. A background in statistics or another programming language and familiarity with data analysis is a prerequisite for this advanced training class, which focuses on developing BI insights and applying them to enterprise-scale problems.