Business Analytics Tool

BA tools include many methodologies and open source solutions that can be leveraged to help analysts perform tasks and generate reports that are easy for laypersons to understand.

Requirement management (RM) tools help ensure that organizations can identify, document, verify, and meet the needs and expectations of their target demographics and existing customers. Requirements may be generated from customers, partners, or stakeholders. Many companies simply use Microsoft Excel at a business-wide level for RM. Others prefer the open source application aNimble, which requires significant coding ability to deploy at top levels.

Reporting tools can be obtained from open source platforms to allow business analysts to manage their processes and present their findings in a relevant, comprehendable way. Some of the most flexible and user-friendly open source options include:

  • Birt

    BIRT is a basic open source analytics tool for reports, dashboards, and visualizations, but requires working knowledge of Java, scripts, and formatting. Generated reports are embeddable.

  • Zeppelin by Apache

    This option is billed as a “multi-purpose notebook” for data visualization, analytics, and data discovery, and readily ingests data from related Apache-based technologies including Spark, Hadoop Hive, PostgreSQL, and Python.

  • OmniSci

    Formerly MapD, OmniSci is a high-performance analytics tool ideal for business analysts and data scientists, with big data capable of querying, interactive dashboards, and an SQL engine designed to manage extremely large workloads.

  • SpagoBI

    SpagoBI is a popular tool with features that include basic reporting, dashboards, and data management tools. The “cockpit” allows users to create 3-D charts for reporting at a high level.

  • Matomo

    Matomo is an open source alternative to Google Analytics, with a high level of customization and expansive features, including core metrics on visitor numbers, referrals, bounce rates, and exit pages. Reporting and dashboards make using Matomo intuitive.

  • Metabase

    Metabase is an open source BI tool that lets users ask questions about input data and displays answers in detailed tables or bar graphs for easy reporting.