class Hello
  	public static void main(String[] args)
     	System.out.println ("Hello World program");

class : class keyword is used to declare classes in Java

public : It is an access specifier. Public means this function is visible to all.

static : static is again a keyword used to make a function static. To execute a static function you do not have to create an Object of the class. The main() method here is called by JVM, without creating any object for class.

void : It is the return type, meaning this function will not return anything.

main : main() method is the most important method in a Java program. This is the method which is executed, hence all the logic must be inside the main() method. If a java class is not having a main() method, it causes compilation error.

String[] args : This represents an array whose type is String and name is args. We will discuss more about array in Java Array section.

System.out.println : This is used to print anything on the console like printf in C language