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Que 1 - Which one of below is not the locators in Selenium?
Que 2 - Syntax to print get the text in Selenium -
Que 3 - Write the code for taking the screenshot in Selenium-
Que 4 - Explain the difference between single and double slash in X-path?
Que 5 - What is the difference between verify and assert commands?
Que 6 - What are the annotations used in TestNG?
Que 7 - What are the different types of waits in Selenium?
Que 8 - Explain about the ImplicitWait & ExplicitWait!
Que 9 - What is the difference between static & dynamic waits?
Que 10 - Perform a test to login on Amazon site and then print the MRP and SP(Price after discount of below product in console. Please validate the MRP of 799.